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Wedding Cupcakes: We did what?

Wedding Cupcakes: We did what?

I was pretty much all wedding-blogged out, but then Vicki posted a collage of our cupcakes and I was like “wait… I got one more in me!” I know what you’re thinking and probably what most of our guests thought: Cupcakes at a wedding? How unique….

Holy Wedding Planning, Batman

Holy Wedding Planning, Batman

Who’s got a prescription to xanax and likes to share? Anyone? Don’t be shy… c’mon…

When did you start having wedding nightmares?

When did you start having wedding nightmares?

Okay maybe it’s just me, but I’m 5 months away from our big day and have been having wedding nightmares for at least 3 months now. Granted we’ve had a much longer engagement than most (we wanted to give plenty of heads up for our […]

Why our florist cost more than our caterer

No, we’re not skimping on food. And no, we’re not outfitting an entire building in some extremely rare flower that only grows in some far-away land. But our florist bill is more than our catering bill, and there’s a very surprising reason as to why….

My Dress!

A year and a half after being proposed to, I finally found my dress. Check it out! (Unless your name is “Vince,” in which case, you need to walk away from the computer…) Oh, and the ‘featured image’ for this post on the main page – totally NOT my dress. Guess you’ll have to click and see!

The Blondest of ALL Blond Moments

So remember my lovely, custom designed invitations that I created and ordered for super cheap? Yeah about those…

I have bridesmaids and a bridesman!

It’s official! I have a bridal party! It took me a year and a half, but I finally figured it out, went with my heart, and got the wedding party that’s right for us. We are going to be completely surrounded by love, and my wedding photos will have some pretty fine people if I do say so myself…

That’s all I ask of you…

Good news, everyone! I think I accidentally found the song I want to walk down the isle to! It’s beautiful, romantic, gives me chill bumps when I hear it, and has a special meaning for me and Vince. The bad news is that it’s totally a popular processional song and kind of traditionally romantic. But I don’t usually do ‘popular,’ and I’m not known for being romantic. What do I do? How does processional music work, anyway? Help?