How to get started at the gym…. again.

Well, it's a new year! Yay! That means new year's resolutions, the reality of all I ate in the last two months sinking in, and the end of guilt-free holiday overindulgance... booooo. Like so many other folks, I find myself bloated and fat after the holidays, despite my best (and I do mean my mother f&*#ing best) efforts. What can I say? I love food. :( This post is about how to get started at the gym.... again. I write this for myself because these are the things I know work for me, and Continue Reading


Alright, confession time... I haven't *really* gone to the gym since I got back from the cruise. I mean, I've gone. I've gone several days in a row. I just haven't really busted my ass like I used to. Annnnd it's starting to show. I've got five pounds of post-cruise-pudge and I hate it. :( I especially hate it because I lost 20 - TWENTY - pounds this year. Below: A pic of me in November 2011 in Jamaica. Thanks to depression and birth control, I looked like a cow. I felt so unhappy, so Continue Reading

Work It: 2012 Edition

Okay I know I haven't been around a lot lately... in fact I just now blogged about new year's eve. But I've been a little busy.... Everyone, please meet my latest obsession: My gym planner. I record what I do, how many calories I burn, what classes I take, and what days I take off. I also write down how much I weigh, but you guys can't see that just yet. *hangs head in shame* Anyway - if you noticed me not tweeting, not commenting on your blog posts, not responding to messages on Continue Reading

The pursuit of being skinny

For the last five years I have been gently, ever-so-slightly overweight. I've mentioned my determination to lose this extra weight in other posts and it doesn't bare repeating here. Instead, this post is about all the things I sacrifice in the pursuit of being skinny. Because there are many, and thanks to a new, incredibly demanding work-out schedule, I miss them all very much. Continue Reading

For real this time.

I'm going to lose weight. No really. For real this time. The last time I really dedicated myself was before our Jamaica trip. I lost 12 pounds but probably could have lost another 5. That was two years ago. I've gained back that weight and 5 additional pounds since that trip. Nooooo more. This shit has got to go. I've had it. Continue Reading