Soooo about that birthday…

Imperial Salon Hydrotherapy Pool/Tub in Melbourne, FL

Friday was my first birthday without Daddy and man,... it started off SO. GOOD. I opened presents from friends that were thoughtful and perfect. I cried happy tears and laughed all morning. From a special bangle bracelet with an incredibly meaningful symbol, to a set of magnets with photos of me and my Dad, to a bouquet of gorgeous yellow flowers... the gifts I received were unprecedented and perfect. And the love sent my way - holy crap I FELT it. All morning I practically radiated with the Continue Reading

My last birthday card from Daddy

Today is my birthday. It's the first one where I won't get a call from my Dad. I should have already gotten a card because he liked to send them early.  He was never one for writing his raw thoughts (like me), but he did know how to pick out a card. This is the last birthday card I got from Daddy: -------------- My Daughter If I could gather up all the smiles, laughs, memories, and pride that you've brought me through the years and give them back to you, I would. Maybe that way you'd Continue Reading

Vince’s Store Bought Birfday

January 2014

I can't believe I'm writing about this well over a month after the fact, but what can I say? Life. It's good right now. :) This year was Vince's 35th birthday - 35th!!! I met Vince when he was 25 and every year on January 13th I've struggled to rally our Still-hung-over-from-New-Years-partied-out friends to give Vince the birthday celebration he truly deserves. And every year we manage to pull something off - even if it's just a really effing expensive dinner with our local pals. This year, Continue Reading

My Birthday/Bachelorette Party

Unlike Vince, I did not leave the country for my last hoorah before the wedding. But I DID get a birthday/bachelorette stay-cation, and it was everything I knew I needed but didn't know how to ask for. My SoFlo ladies, Carrie and Brenna, traveled up to Orlando the Friday after my birthday, and whisked me away to a gorgeous room at The Grand Bohemian downtown. With the help of my Lauren Pants and Codalina, they treated me to a weekend that seriously may be responsible for our wedding going Continue Reading

My Unexpectedly Awesome 29th Birthday: A Recap

Back on March 8th I wrote a post that briefly mentioned how detached I was from my 29th birthday, which was then 20 days away. By noon on March 25th - the Friday before my birthday and the beginning of my birthday weekend - I was more convinced than ever that my 29th would kinda... well... blow. I found out that my friends were either out of town, sick, broke, or had to work bizarre hours.  On Sunday my landlords were scheduled to come do repairs on the house, which meant we had to play "Hide Continue Reading

I love March! (so far)

Oh March,... month of my birth,... we're only eight days in and I already love you... First of all, in 20 days I will be 29 years old. This is kind of unbelievable to me. I'm not necessarily concerned that I'm entering the last year of my 20's... just kind of... numb to it, conceptually. More importantly: This means that 50 Cent's album Get Rich or Die Tryin' is eight years old ("In Da Club" played repetitively on my 21st birthday, for which I was extremely grateful at the time. See the photo Continue Reading

The Six Hundred Dollar Dinner and Other Tales of Vince’s Birthday

Four years ago, in a townhouse not very far away, Vince had his third disastrous birthday in a row. It was 2008, and at the time we were close friends with a couple who, for whatever reason, wasn't very flexible and didn't really socialize. And every year that we were close to them, Vince's birthday suffered. All that changed for Vince's 30th birthday in 2009.... Vince's 30th Birthday Dinner Group It all started when I realized that I had no plans for Vince's 30th birthday because it Continue Reading